A mountaineer from Dubai becomes the first Pakistani woman to climb the Annapurna.

She was joined by Shehroze Kashif, who turned into the most youthful Pakistani mountain climber to arrive at the pinnacle of the tenth most noteworthy mountain on the planet

Naila Kiani has turned into the principal Pakistani lady to ascend Annapurna, the 10th most noteworthy mountain on the planet.

The Dubai-based financier is an accomplished mountain climber, and no outsider to establishing worldwide bests. In 2021, she was the main Pakistani female mountain climber to ascend the world’s thirteenth most elevated top, Gasherbrum-II. She and fellow Pakistani mountaineer Samina Baig summited K2, the world’s second-highest mountain, a year later.


Shehroze Kashif, 21, became the youngest Pakistani mountain climber when she joined her on her expedition to climb the 8,091-meter Annapurna.

According to Dawn News, the director of Seven Summit Treks, a travel agency, confirmed that six people had reached the summit: Indian national Arjun Vajpai; furthermore, Lakpa Nurbu Sherpa, Tashi Sherpa, and Lakpa Sherpa from Nepal.

Kiani became famous online back in 2018, when she and her significant other got hitched at the headquarters of K2. In the mean time, Kashif likewise holds the title of being the most youthful Pakistani mountain climber to scale Mt. Everest at 19 years old.

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