Recipe for panjiri


Panjiri is a traditional Indian sweet made with whole wheat flour and dry fruits and served as prasad to new mothers after delivery. It is typically made in the northern states of India, particularly in Punjab. It is a must-make prasad for festivals like Janmashtami and when performing Satyanarayana pooja …

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Rasam Mango

Mango Rasam

Mango rasam is a South Indian raw mango soup that is also known as saar, saaru, or charu. Today, I’m going to share one of my favorite comforting soups that is made with raw mango pulp. Mango rasam! Easy to prepare, light on the stomach, and packed with flavor. In …

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Instant and simple recipe for Andhra tomato pickle

Andhra tomato pickle recipe, instant & easy

Tomato pickle recipe: the easiest, quickest, tastiest, and best tomato pachadi Andhra style preparation for tomato pickle. In many homes where Telugu is spoken, the majority of conversations about cooking revolve around making pickles and chutneys. I have various written by hand recipes that I have gotten off such discussions. …

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