Bhindi Masala Recipe

Bhindi masala is a healthy, quick, and easy restaurant-style north Indian okra dry dish. Ladies finger, also known as bhindi, is a common ingredient in Indian cuisine and a favorite vegetable in our household. Okra, eggplants, tomatoes, chilis, ridge gourd, ivy gourd, greens, and other vegetables are plentiful from my organic garden. The image below demonstrates how tender, vibrant, and green the homegrown bhindi are. I prepared a popular North Indian okra fry, served with chapathi, roti, and rice, the previous week. A Punjabi-style bhindi masala recipe has already been posted on my blog, and today’s bhindi dish is a slight variation made without garlic.

Whether it was a straightforward stir fry, stuffed bhindi, or a yogurt-based okra curry, my grandmother cooked okra to perfection with few ingredients that showcased the flavor of bhindi. My favorite way to eat okra is in a simple dry sauté that uses less oil, has few ingredients, is easy to make, is healthy, and is addictive.

bhindi Organically grown bhindi (also known as okra) Many home cooks encounter difficulties when sautéing bhindi due to its slimy texture. The key is to select tender green okra, which should easily break off when the pointed end is snapped. Since we are not deep frying the okra, this bhindi masala uses less oil and does not contain many calories. Broiling on low fire with a tablespoon of oil is sufficient and it draws out the flavor as well as decreases the ooze. Slime can also be reduced by adding yogurt or a teaspoon of lemon juice. Likewise guarantee that you wash the okra and wipe off without really any hint of dampness before your cleave them.

bhindi masala recipe
okra masala
There are three parts to this simple okra recipe that ought not be missed. Utilization of new, delicate, dynamic bhindi, utilization of onions and tomatoes which add tons of flavor alongside the flavors and broiling the bhindi well. The dry bhindi masala restaurant-style dish is one of India’s most well-known and well-liked classic vegan dishes. One of the best bhindi masalas, it goes well with white rice, naan, and roti.

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