Dubai: 3 air terminal laborers discovered taking money, gems worth Dh50,000 from traveler’s sack

Three employees at Dubai Airport took money and jewelry from passengers’ bags and agreed to smuggle out the stolen goods in order to sell them on the market. One of them tried to sneak out with the stolen items, but a security guard stopped him at the airport gate.

They were found guilty and given a three-month prison sentence by the Dubai Criminal Court. Additionally, the convicts were assessed a fine of Dh50,000, which is the value of the loot. The laborers will be ousted from the UAE in the wake of serving their jail term. The sentence was additionally maintained by the Court of Allure.


While passing a cleaner’s bag through the staff inspection device, the airport security officer found a high concentration of minerals and currency, according to the police investigation. He looked through the cleaner’s pack (the primary denounced) and found two bits of gems, a ring, a brilliant jewelry, and cash.

The charged conceded that he had concurred with different litigants, two of his partners who worked inside the air terminal, to assist them with sneaking out the thing they were taking, given that the cash would be split between them.

Sponsored links provided by Project Agora 11 Foods That Naturally Reduce Knee Pain | Zen Life Mag Pakistanis Can Apply for a Permanent Resident Card in Canada | Search Ads The first defendant continued to agree with the others to leave what they stole in a particular location within the toilet. He would later remove them from the airport and market them. They would each receive a portion of the money.

The other two defendants were arrested following the investigation, and they admitted to their crimes.

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