Dubai fire: Two Indians whose deaths were tragically caused receive Rs. 1 million in compensation.

The families of two Indians who perished in a massive fire in Dubai will receive Rs1 million (Dh45,000) each from the Tamil Nadu government as compensation.

MK Stalin, the chief minister of the south Indian state, stated in a statement, “I am deeply saddened to hear the… news that both of them died in a fire in their residential area on Saturday.”


The fire that broke out on Saturday in a residential building in Al Ras left 16 people dead, including Imam Kasim (43 years old) and S Mohammed Rafiq (49 years old). In their efforts to save others, the building’s watchmen perished.

When the fire started, they were on the ground floor of the building, but they rushed upstairs to help other tenants.


Residents have expressed their appreciation to the watchmen for saving their lives. According to Khaleej Times, a tenant who lives opposite the apartment where the fire started said that the watchmen helped him and his roommate get out on time.

According to Chief Minister Stalin, the Indian Embassy in the United Arab Emirates is currently working on returning the bodies to Tamil Nadu.

Bijender Singh, consul, Consular and Labour at the Indian Consulate in Dubai, offered his condolences to the families of the deceased and announced that the bodies would be returned home tonight (April 17).

“Last night, we registered the deaths. We are expanding all conceivable consular administrations and organizing with social specialist Naseer Vatanappally and the nearby experts for the bringing home strategies,” he added.

The tragedy resulted in the deaths of two more Indians. Jeshi Kandamangalath, a beloved teacher in Dubai who was originally from Malappuram in Kerala, and her husband, Rijesh Kalangadan, are believed to have perished from asphyxiation.

Consul Singh declared: Yesterday, the husband and wife who died have already had their bodies returned to Kerala.

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