Lassi Recipe

Sweet lassi to beat the summer heat, lassi recipe from Punjabi food, lassi recipe Lassi is a Punjabi summertime beverage. Among Punjabi food recipes, this creamy, sweetened yogurt drink is a gem. In the North, particularly in Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Delhi, street vendors selling foamy lassi in matka (clay pots) are common. Salted, sweet, and masala lassi are the three types of lassi. Due to the use of sweet milk and sugar, sweet lassi is a little bit heavy. Using thick homemade yogurt (curd) that has been completely chilled and hand-blended in a wooden churner is essential to making good lassi. The yogurt ought to be sweet and fresh. Lassi is a filling breakfast that gets you ready for the day.

Sweet Lassi There are numerous variations on the basic recipe for lassi. You can season with cardamom powder, saffron, dry organic products, nuts, natural products like mango, papaya, banana and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Matkas are used by street vendors to sell a wide variety of lassi flavors by topping it with a dollop of fresh cream, makhan (butter), khoya, rabri, or malai. Inspite of the lassi assortments that are sold on the lookout, nothing to beat hand crafted lassi to battle the late spring heat. one of the best summer drinks in India.

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