Nam Manglak, drink made of basil seeds

During the summer, I typically prepare a large pitcher of healthy drinks like chaas or buttermilk, lassi, shikanji, iced tea, and more. Nam Manglak, a healthy beverage from Thailand. Basil seed drink Basil seed drink I made Nam Manglak, a popular Thai health drink made with basil seeds, today. Drinking it requires only a few simple ingredients.

Thai sweet basil seeds Thai sweet basil seeds The drink’s main ingredient is sweet basil seed, or sabja. When basil seeds are soaked in water, they begin to swell and develop an outer layer of a thin, transparent substance. They have a bland flavor and are crunchy upon bite. The bloomed seeds can be added to almost any beverage, juice, or dessert of your choice. Because soaked basil seeds don’t have much flavor, you can add any flavor you want to the drink, like rose syrup, litchi syrup, or mango syrup. I’ve used basil seeds, rose syrup, and simple sugar syrup. Throughout the late spring months, purchase a pack of sweet basil seeds (known as sabja in India) and make sound beverages like nam manlak or basil lemonade to beat the intensity.

Nam Manglak – Thailand’s healthiest beverage Follow the steps below to make Nam Manglak, also known as basil seed drink.

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