Paneer khoya matar recipe

Khoya matar paneer is a creamy vegetarian gravy made with paneer, green peas, and reduced milk solids (khoya). It is a rich North Indian vegetarian curry that is perfect for special occasions or festivals. I made it as a side dish with masala paratha and tawa pulao for our New Year’s lunch spread. Paneer cubes are simmered in a creamy khoya-based gravy that is mildly spiced and melts in your mouth. This delectable vegetarian dish, a restaurant special, sometimes appears on Indian buffet menus.

khoya matar paneer I have previously published a recipe for matar paneer that is well-liked by Sailu’s Kitchen readers. A different version of it is used in this khoya matar paneer recipe. Due to the use of ghee (clarified butter) and khoya (reduced full-fat milk solids), it has a lot of calories. You can utilize locally acquired khoya. If you want to make khoya at home, I have posted a recipe on my blog for you to use.

Khoya matar paneer is a jain style, no onion no garlic recipe. Before adding the spice powders, you can saut√© blanched onion paste, ginger, and green chili paste for 7 to 8 minutes to add more body. You can add cashewnut paste for more body and flavor if you don’t want to use onions. Since khoya adds body and a rich flavor to the dish, I didn’t use any nuts.

khoya green peas paneer curry
Its a fast paneer recipe to cause gave you to have paneer and khoya close by. The only preparation required is blanching and pureeing the tomatoes, which contribute to the curry’s silky texture and vibrant color. Use fresh green peas because they are plentiful during the winter months. Frozen peas function admirably as well.

khoya muttar paneer With naan or pulao, matar paneer with khoya is a comforting and absolutely delicious dish that is lusciously rich and has a smooth, creamy texture to it. With roti, paratha, rumali roti, kulcha, and any flavored rice, such as pulao or biryani, it is an excellent side dish.

paneer with khoya and matar

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