Paneer paratha recipe

Paneer paratha is a stuffed Indian flatbread made with whole wheat flour, fresh coriander, homemade paneer, desi ghee, Indian spices, and desi ghee. This paneer paratha recipe is easy to make, quick to make, and healthy. Over the years, I’ve tried a plethora of paneer paratha recipes with and without onion using a variety of spice blends. I was taught a straightforward and straightforward paneer paratha recipe by the Punjabi friend’s mother, which is very well-liked by her friends and family. Truth be told, she assisted me with consummating the paneer kulcha recipe on my blog. I owe a lot to my North Indian friends who speak Hindi and helped me perfect many North Indian dishes.

Normally, most Punjabis like to make rich parathas weighed down with heaps of ghee and can be weighty on the stomach. However, the paneer paratha recipe I’m going to share with you isn’t particularly filling.

paneer paratha filling paneer paratha making grated paneer stuffing for paratha – preparation of paneer paratha I like to use few spices and ingredients in my paneer stuffing so that the paratha has a strong paneer flavor. Finely slashed green chillies and new coriander leaves supplement new paneer stuffing giving it vivacious, fortifying flavors.

I typically serve paneer paratha at home with green chilli pickle and raita as a side. It makes for a staggeringly flavourful and fulfilling feast. As a side dish, I occasionally prepare tomato capsicum curry, mixed vegetable curry, or dal tadka when time permits. But most of the time, I like to eat it with mango or green chilli achar.

It is ideal for the lunchbox of children. Simply serve the paneer paratha with an achar, raita, or curd (yogurt) side dish. It can also be served for lunch or dinner, making it an excellent choice for breakfast or brunch. It is, I have to say, a snack on its own. You can modify the basic recipe by grating some cheese into the paneer stuffing. You have prepared paneer cheese paratha for your child to eat as a snack after school. I, like most mothers, are always looking for ways to include paneer in Nehal’s diet, whether it’s in a snack like chilli paneer, a paneer pakora, a paneer sandwich, or a tikka made with paneer.

Tofu and vegetable oil can be used in place of ghee for a dairy-free alternative. In subsequent posts, you can anticipate a paneer paratha prepared in the Jain style.

The whole wheat flour, paneer, and desi ghee used in this recipe are all made at home. The punjabi-style paneer paratha is served with green chili coriander pickle and dahi (curd). I typically purchase whole wheat grains, allow them to dry in the sun for a few days, and then grind them at the neighborhood flour mill. Ghee and paneer are made with milk from desi cows, which are Indian breeds of cows with hump. You will track down presents on how on make ghee as well as how to make paneer in the chronicles.

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