Raju gari kodi pulao is a recipe for andhra chicken pulao prepared in a restaurant.

Raju gari kodi pulao is a well known café, Ulavacharu signature chicken pulao made with basmati rice, chicken, shallots and Indian flavors

Before I get going with the creation of raju gari kodi pulao recipe, I want to impart something to my dear perusers. I have turned vegan quite a while back and have quit any pretense of eating meat and eggs. You won’t find any meat recipes on the blog for the past two years because of this. Even though I no longer consume meat, I continue to prepare non-vegetarian meals for my family.

Since I stopped posting nonveg recipes on my blog, I’ve been getting messages from people asking me why I don’t post chicken recipes and if the blog should feature more chicken dishes. I’ve been considering whether or not to blog about non-vegetarian food for some time, and I’ve decided to comply with the requests of my devoted readers. My family’s non-vegetarian meals will be documented in a blog. You can now anticipate additional chicken recipes. raju gari kodi pulao recipe raju gari kodi pulao is a dish that we enjoy eating out almost every other day when we visit Hyderabad. Ulavacharu restaurant is one of our favorite restaurants. It is claimed by a movie chief Venkat Kuchipudi who is a foodie and restauranteur. The menu at the restaurant is fantastic, and the food is good and delicious. Raju gari kodi pulao, which literally translates to “king’s chicken pulao,” is a very popular item on the menu. I reproduced it at home with the assistance of the video where Venkat Kuchipudi shared the café’s raju gari kodi pulao recipe. My family says it was better than the restaurant pulao after I made a few changes to the original recipe. I look for one-pot meals whenever I run out of vegetables or am pressed for time and need to prepare a quick but delicious meal for the boys. Raju gari kodi pulao perfectly fits the bill. With raita on the side, it’s perfect for any day of the week or Sunday. This chicken pulao recipe is very straightforward and straightforward. It calls for basmati rice, a pressure cooker, a lot of fresh light green chillies, and plenty of shallots (also known as pearl onions or sambar onions). This tasty chicken pulao can also be made in an instant pot. To utilize either a tension cooker or a moment pot, you can cook the pulao in an enormous weighty lined vessel as well.

The sticky, extremely moist texture of the Ulavacharu restaurant’s raju gari kodi pulao is due to the presence of roasted golden cashew nuts. We like our chicken pulao to be similar to chicken biryani, with each rice grain being distinct and fluffy. Consequently, despite my modifications to the original recipe, the flavor of the raju gari kodi pulao you see in this post is just as good as the restaurant version.

The zest of the pulao is exclusively from the intensity of green chilies and new green bean stew glue. The Kodi pulao gets its incredible flavor from being simmered in milk that is infused with spices and herbs. I paired it with a spicy chicken curry and onion raita. It can also be served with a standard chicken curry. Tomorrow, I will post the spicy Andhra kodi kura recipe on my blog.

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