Recipe for Broken Wheat Upma

A healthy, filling, and delicious breakfast or evening tiffin made with only a few ingredients is the broken wheat upma recipe. The broken wheat upma with tomato pickle is the easiest South Indian breakfast you can make. When I need a filling and healthy breakfast to get me through the day and am pressed for time, this is my go-to breakfast. When my fridge is almost empty (one of those rare occasions), this fiber-rich dish is a great option for a light dinner or evening tiffin.

The finer form of broken wheat that we call godhuma nooka or samba rava is popular among people who speak Telugu in Andhra. In Tamil, it is referred to as godhumai ravai and in Hindi as dalia. Dalia khichdi, kheer, vegetable khara bath, godhuma rava tomato upma, and other upma variations are typically prepared in our home with cracked wheat. The majority of people don’t like upma, but I love it hot off the stove.

Broken wheat upma is incredibly easy to make with only a few ingredients in this godhuma rava upma recipe. I dry roast the cracked wheat in a little ghee, flavor the upma with cinnamon and cloves, and temper with ghee and oil. The humble upma’s flavor can only be enhanced by taking these three steps. For added nutrition, I sometimes add beans and a few chopped carrots. Compared to conventional semolina or upma rava, this diabetic-friendly grain requires more water to cook. For one cup of better variant of broken wheat, you want to add two and quarter cups of water for the grain to cook well. The upma that is the result has a dry, loose texture. Add 2 1/2 to 2 3/4 cups of water to 1 cup of broken wheat for a gooey, sticky upma.

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