Recipe for kulfi falooda

The kulfi falooda recipe is a street food-style Indian dessert. The kulfi falooda recipe is one of the simplest you can make at home. Throughout my travels, I have eaten a variety of kulfi faloodas from street vendors. Fundamentally kulfi or no beat, eggless, Indian frozen yogurt made with full fat milk is put on a bed of sweet basil seeds and falooda noodles, showered with rose syrup as well as khus syrup and decorated with nuts and dry natural products. a summer dessert from North India that is hard to resist, especially on a hot, humid day.

I have already posted the kulfi and falooda sev recipe to my blog. When preparing the falooda kulfi recipe, be sure to think of these summer desserts. Numerous road vendors rake in huge profits selling famous summer pastries like kulfi, falooda, and kulfi falooda throughout the mid year season. Absolutely energizing, cooling, and delectable. Falooda is a drink with rose milk, sabja, and falooda sev as its primary ingredients, while kulfi is a frozen dessert similar to ice cream. Kulfi falooda isn’t a beverage yet a rich and velvety frozen dessert went with chewy falooda noodles which have been enhanced with rose syrup.

Assuming you are languid to make kulfi or falooda sev at home, you can purchase locally acquired kulfi and falooda sev and fix this pastry in minutes. To give the dessert a bit more texture, you can add rabri, fresh cut fruits, or jelly. Your children will adore it and you as well. Also, we won’t discuss the calories while savoring kulfi falooda. how to make kulfi falooda at home kulfi falooda recipe with rose syrup and jelly

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