Serbia: Eight children are killed by a teen and a school guard in Belgrade.

The suspect, who opened fire with his father’s gun, was apprehended in the school yard on Wednesday. According to police, a teen boy shot and killed eight children and a school guard at a school in Serbia’s capital. Six more kids and a teacher were hurt and taken to the hospital.

The shooter was identified by his initials, K.K., and police said he fired with his father’s gun. According to police, he was detained in the school yard. He was identified in a statement as a 2009-born student at the central Belgrade school.


Around 8.40 a.m., the Vladislav Ribnikar primary school shooting was reported to the police, who said they received a call about it. In Serbia’s primary schools, the first grade is the first of eight grades.


In contrast to the United States, there are very few mass shootings in Serbia and the rest of the Balkans; none were accounted for at schools as of late. In the most recent mass shooting, 13 people were killed in a central Serbian village in 2013 by a veteran of the Balkan war.


However, experts have repeatedly expressed concern regarding the quantity of weapons still in the country following the 1990s wars. They also point out that such outbursts could be sparked by decades of conflict-related instability and ongoing economic hardship.

Police removed the suspect, whose head was covered, from a car parked in the street, as footage from the scene showed commotion outside the school.

Milan Milosevic, who said his little girl was in a set of experiences class while the shooting occurred, told N1 TV that he surged out when he heard what had occurred.

He stated, “I asked where my child is, but no one could tell me anything at first.” Then, at that point, she called and we figured out she was out.”

Milosevic cited his daughter as saying, “He (the shooter) fired first at the teacher and then the children who ducked under the desks.” She said he was a quiet boy who did well in school.

Police fixed off the blocks around the school, in the focal point of Belgrade. Elementary schools in Serbia have eight grades.

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