The UAE encourages Muslims to look for the Shawwal crescent moon on Thursday.

April 20 is the 29th day of Ramadan; The UAE has asked all Muslims in the country to see the crescent moon on Thursday evening, which would mark the end of the holy month and the beginning of Eid Al Fitr.

In the Islamic calendar, Thursday, April 20 coincides with Ramadan 29, 1444 AH.


The UAE’s crescent moon sighting committee has asked anyone who sees the moon to call 026921166 to be referred to the closest court so that his testimony can be recorded.

The locating of the moon would imply the finish of the sacred month of Ramadan. Additionally, it would signal the beginning of Eid Al Fitr.

The International Astronomy Centre (IAC) in Abu Dhabi anticipates that Eid Al Fitr will fall on Saturday, which could grant residents a five-day extended holiday.

The IAC stated in a statement that, with the exception of parts of West Africa beginning in Libya, sighting the crescent on Thursday may not be possible in most Arab and Islamic nations. However, spotting remains extremely challenging and necessitates expert observation, a precise telescope, and exceptional weather, it stated.

However, the IAC made it clear that its prediction is based on astronomical data. Based on the sighting of the new moon, only the authorities can confirm the precise date.

Additionally, Saudi Arabia has urged all Muslims to look for the crescent moon on Thursday night.

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