Why the UAE is poised to become a family office hub

The UAE is increasingly becoming a hub for family offices, with some of the world’s biggest names setting up offices in the country to tap the market, which is expected to reach Dh3.67 trillion in the next few years. This is because of a number of new reforms and legislation.

Ray Dalio, an American hedge fund manager and billionaire, is one of the most well-known investors to announce plans to open a branch of his office in the capital of the UAE.

The family office will be run by a team of seasoned investment professionals from the new office, which will be in Abu Dhabi Global Market.

Family offices have grown to be multi-trillion-dollar businesses all over the world, with major ones having an impact on the sector’s power plays. These offices have frequently emerged as the predominant mode of parking for the wealth of UHNI. An expected 17,000 family workplaces overall have consolidated resources of $10 trillion (Dh36.7 trillion). It’s interesting that about 25% of these assets are in the real estate industry.

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